What is “Nutritional Inner Peace” and how do we find it?

Listen to this article on Spotify! Key Points: Broadly, spiritual practice tends to follow either what’s known as the “Progressive Path,” or its counterpart, the “Direct Path.” The process of losing weight or reducing one’s body fat can be understood in a fascinatingly similar way. For both, I favor the “Direct Path,” as it helps … Read more

Wait…did they just officially say that diet soda causes cancer?

Key Points: Beware the purity police, those individuals who demonize every enjoyable activity (or substance) under the sun. On that note, the WHO has recently labeled aspartame, the common diet soda sweetener, as “possibly carcinogenic.” What this actually means is much more nuanced, and as ever, moderation is key. Estimated reading time: 5-10 minutes Listen … Read more

What’s behind the massive increase in male body dysmorphia?

Key Points: Women have historically faced much more pressure than men to look a certain way, but social media has started to increase expectations on men, too. However, unlike with the backlash against ultra-thin female models in the 1990’s, society still celebrates a male physique that’s “unhealthy” and difficult to attain naturally. To protect our … Read more

What can we do about holiday stress eating?

Key Points: 1. The “always something” mindset is far superior for sustainable results than the “all or nothing” tendencies we typically display. 2. The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to practice “always something.” 3. These practices can lead to happier and less guilt-ridden celebrations. Estimated reading time: 5-10 minutes It’s that magical time of year … Read more