What did I learn from my two-week “no phone” experiment? (Part 2)

Listen to this article on Spotify! Key Points: Overall, the experiment was a success, leading to dramatically reduced phone usage and clarity around the mindlessness of a “distraction-seeking” habit that needed addressing. However, some logistical challenges highlighted the practical benefits of a smartphone. As a result of the experiment, I’ve purchased a limited-capability “Light Phone” … Read more

What is “Nutritional Inner Peace” and how do we find it?

Listen to this article on Spotify! Key Points: Broadly, spiritual practice tends to follow either what’s known as the “Progressive Path,” or its counterpart, the “Direct Path.” The process of losing weight or reducing one’s body fat can be understood in a fascinatingly similar way. For both, I favor the “Direct Path,” as it helps … Read more

You’re not still using these fitness phrases, are you?

Listen to this article on Spotify! Key Points: Many common fitness phrases contain implicit assumptions that make it less likely the people who use them will achieve their goals. For example, most people think, “toning up” implies exercise, but the result they want depends almost entirely on nutritional changes. Precision of language can make us … Read more

As Niche As It Gets: Fixing the D-III Soccer National Tournament

Listen to this article on Spotify! Estimated reading time: 9-18 minutes This week we’re taking a massive departure from the heaviness and headiness of the last two weeks. No existential, philosophical questions about meaning and purpose or life and death today. Nope, we’re going to focus on something so specific, so niche, that it’s actually … Read more