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From Broken Back to Pain-free and Thriving

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You don't have to settle For pain!

Having overcome a debilitating injury to be able to still play the sport I love in my 30’s, there’s nothing I’m more passionate about than helping people like you increase their physical capabilities beyond what they thought was possible. I like to say that my athletic prime was not during my days as a college athlete…It’s right now! I can do tons of things on the field, in the weight room, and at the climbing gym that I couldn’t do 10 years ago. I want that for you. Let’s find out what you’re capable of!

My Credentials:

  • NSCA-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • ATG-Endorsed Level-2 Coach (1 of only 20 in the world)
  • Former Division-I Athlete (well, benchwarmer)
  • Precision Nutrition Level-1 Coach
  • 10+ years’ experience of coaching

I can’t wait to work with you!

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