Discover World Record-Breaking Secrets to the Nordic Hamstring Curl!

If you couldn’t do a single pullup, you’d work on that, right? Nordic hamstring curls are just pullups for your lower body. But even most people who have worked out for years aren’t close to doing a single Nordic rep. Why is that? World Record

Hi, I’m Greg! In less than two years, I went from struggling to do a single Nordic curl to setting a Guinness World Record by doing 24 reps in one minute. All from training Nordic curls only once per week. And I want to share my training secrets with you!


The methods most coaches teach are too difficult for beginners, take way too long to see any progress, and put you at greater risk of injury in the process.

So if you’ve tried them and given up, it’s not your fault!

That’s why I created Nordic Curl Now, a 16-week program that uses long range tendon-strengthening methods and proven technique optimizations to help you achieve your first Nordic curl.

The impossible becomes possible!

Why are Nordics so important?

There’s no better exercise to prove to yourself that even if something feels impossible at first, it can become easy. And once you experience that, you’ll never forget it.

Nordics felt impossible when I was an 18-year old college soccer player. Even the future pros on my team couldn’t do a single rep! 

Over a decade later, I could deadlift more than 2.5 times my bodyweight, but I still wasn’t close to being able to do one Nordic curl. But now I can crank them out easily!

I took the lessons from my journey and turned them into this program so you can shortcut the whole process

With Nordic Curl Now, you will...

How long will it take?

I’m going to be real with you. Things that are durable take time to build. It’s why a concrete house is stronger than a tent. Tendons are no different. They take time to remodel. 

That said, I’ve seen this program work as quickly as 12 weeks, even for people who had never tried a single Nordic curl before. It’s that effective.

It may take you longer, but rest assured. No matter how long it takes, I’m on this journey with you. Sign up and I’ll work with you until you achieve your first Nordic curl.

You’re going to work your ass off along the way, but I promise it’ll be worth it when the impossible becomes possible. 

Nordic Curl Success Stories

This is an addictive exercise because you’ll see noticeable progress week to week.

And when you train them the right way, results happen quickly.

But I can only help so many people in person.

That’s why I created Nordic Curl Now: 16 Weeks to Master the Lower Body Pullup.

But don’t just take my word for it! Check out my clients’ Nordic badassery…

LEt's get your video up here, too!

It’s Simple. Pay $95, be able to do Nordic Curls

This 16-week program costs less than a single in-person session with me. 

And, after buying the program, you also get access to my coaching group, The Nordic Curl Club, where I’ll check your form and answer any questions you have. Plus once you’re in, you stay in. I don’t care if it takes you 5 years to achieve your first Nordic curls. (Spoiler: it won’t). 

No matter what, I’m on the journey with you. Even after you’ve gotten your first Nordic curl, you can stay in the group until you can do enough to break my world record!

All you need to do is put in the work once per week, and send in your form videos.

Bonuses, Just for you!

I write and create a lot, so I’m giving away a few of my favorite guides
FOR FREE just for signing up for the program!

Here’s what happens after you sign up...

You’ll receive a PDF copy of the program with instructions on how exactly to structure your weekly Nordic workout. 

You’ll also be sent a link to join the Nordic Curl Club, my exclusive coaching group where I’ll make sure your form is perfect and answer all your questions. 

You’ll also receive the All About Nordic Curls guide that teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about Nordics. You’ll also get the video guide, Making Your Gym a Nordic Nirvana, that shows you exactly how to set up for this exercise, no matter what equipment your gym does and doesn’t have.

Any questions?

Yup, I attempted the record on December 16th, 2022, and it was officially confirmed by Guinness in January of 2023. It even got coverage from Men’s Health and the local CBS news station

You can see my official, record-setting attempt on video, right here!

Absolutely! The only thing I recommend is not doing additional hamstring work. But you can continue to do upper body training and the rest of your lower body work. In fact, one of my bonus guides will even help you plan out these workouts.

Not a problem at all! I’ve seen this program take people who had never tried a Nordic curl before to achieving their first reps in only 12 weeks. This program scales to every level. 

First, let’s be glad they’re hard! That’s part of why it feels so good to be able to do one. It’s something I believe that (as of 2023) less that 1% of people who work out can perform a single rep. 

In general, most people’s hamstrings are undertrained. Further, the two most common methods for hamstring training, machine hamstring curls and RDL’s, have very little crossover to Nordics. 

Machine hamstring curls challenge the hamstrings in a shortened position, while Nordics challenge your hamstrings in a lengthened position. RDL’s also challenge the hammies in a lengthened position, but the action is all at the hip joint. Nordics are all about the knee joint. They also require a lot of strength of the calves and core, as well as the ability to generate full body tension. 

These are all things most people don’t train enough, and all things the program will help you with!

In short, refund no, guarantee yes! You get chat access to me in the Nordic Curl Club Telegram group until you get your first successful Nordic curl. I’ll keep working with you no matter how long it takes! Even after you’re a Nordic pro, you’re welcome to stay in the Nordic Curl Club to have your questions answered and form videos checked.

Regarding a refund, the only way not to succeed through this program is to give up. Plus, lifetime access to this entire program costs less than a single personal training session with me. So, if you’re already looking for a way out, you might not be ready for an exercise as challenging as Nordic curls. And that’s okay! When you are, this program will be here for you.

Once you sign up for the program, you’ll get a video called, Making Your Gym A Nordic Nirvana, that explains exactly how to set things up regardless of your gym’s setup. 

Obviously, a Nordic bench like the one made by Freak Athlete Essentials or ROGUE is best, but you don’t need one. I learned without one, and you can too! 

However, some equipment is necessary, so here’s what you’ll need if you don’t have access to a Nordic bench:

  • Squat rack or Smith Machine plus a barbell and weight plates to hold your ankles in place
  • A bench or plyo box for your knees to rest comfortably
  • Resistance bands (non-negotiable!)
  • Bonus: A thick wooden dowel or PVC pipe, and something stackable to measure progress

These items are found in just about every single commercial, school, or home gym. The bonus items are all relatively cheap, or have substitutes readily available. Equipment shouldn’t be a reason you can’t do this program!

Absolutely! Trying to do it more than that could actually slow you down due to insufficient recovery. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this works!

In fact, they’re such a taxing exercise that it’s actually a bad idea to do them more than once every 5 days. Once per week is enough. And between equipment setup, warmup, work sets, and cooldown, you’ll only need 30 minutes, 40 tops.

DM me on IG @neverpastyourprime and we’ll talk. Depending on where you are in the rehabilitation process and how serious the injury was, this program may not be appropriate for you. But once you’re fully cleared, Nordics are a vital part of your recovery! 

Now you’re speaking my language! If you like to know the details and “the why” behind exercise principles, we’ll get along great. You’ll also LOVE the bonus guides.

But here’s your answer about how and why Nordics are the perfect lower body equivalent of pullups.

Pullups measure if you can lift your entire bodyweight through elbow flexion alone.

Nordics measure if you can lift your entire bodyweight through knee flexion alone.

Both exercises also require a ton of core stability and the ability to generate full-body tension.

Further, pullups help strengthen the forearm and hand muscles in addition to the larger elbow flexors, while Nordics help strength the calves and foot muscles in addition to the larger knee flexors. 

Finally, both can be super fun exercises, and they demonstrate a coveted level of upper strength and control.

First, I’m glad you’re already a cool person, since you know how to do Nordic curls. It’s an elite club!

I strongly believe the training methods, form optimizations, and bonus content contained in this program will help improve your Nordics even further. I can help you work on and achieve advanced variations like drop-catch-pause Nordics, decline Nordics, weighted Nordics, full hip-extension Nordics, and even the mythical single leg Nordics.

But I’ll tell you what. Here’s where I’ll make my one exception to the no-refund policy. If you buy the program, send me a video of you doing 5 Nordics with at least above-average form, and it doesn’t improve at all and you can’t do any of the above advanced variations after the program, I’ll refund you. But you also have to tell me in writing that you think the bonus guides I worked so hard on are useless! 😉

warning! Don't buy This program if...

You’re afraid to be one of the rare few who can crush this exercise!

Or if you don’t want to enjoy the increased running speed, reduced risk of knee injury, and street cred that comes with being able to do Nordic curls.

Or if you do want to be like the average gymgoer who can’t do a single lower body pullup.

What will it be? The choice is yours!