What did I learn from my two-week “no phone” experiment? (Part 2)

Listen to this article on Spotify! Key Points: Overall, the experiment was a success, leading to dramatically reduced phone usage and clarity around the mindlessness of a “distraction-seeking” habit that needed addressing. However, some logistical challenges highlighted the practical benefits of a smartphone. As a result of the experiment, I’ve purchased a limited-capability “Light Phone” … Read more

Have you ever said this to a significant other?

Key Points: Expectations can create suffering and cause us to miss out on incredible opportunities. In romantic partnerships, the phrase, “You should just know,” embodies this concept. It’s toxic for happiness and relationship satisfaction. There are multiple reasons why we may expect our partner to read our mind and take it personally when they don’t. … Read more

What’s one simple change that would instantly improve politics? (Part 2)

Key Points: The U.S. has a long history of attempting to limit the influence of wealthy individuals and powerful organizations on elections. Recent legislation essentially declaring that “corporations are people, too,” counters this while also utterly failing the “common sense test.” Banning donations of any kind from non-individuals (while also maintaining individual donation limits at … Read more

Is it true that the United States’ political polarization is getting worse? (Part 1)

Key Points: The belief that Americans are more divided than ever is so prevalent we take it for granted. However, fascinating research shows this isn’t actually the case. The Pareto Principle, or “80/20 Rule” can be applied to politics, explaining how a small but vocal minority is disproportionately responsible for a majority of the problems. … Read more

Was this too crazy to be a coincidence?

Key Points: Synchronicities can be understood as moments that seem like they must be related even if there’s no logical reason to believe so. Whether or not these moments share a “causal connection” doesn’t really matter, in my opinion. We can enjoy them, regardless. An incident during a recent soccer game led to a synchronicity … Read more