What is Tendon Training and Why Do You Absolutely Need to be Doing It?

Key Points:  1. Training your tendons is just as important as training your muscles. 2. Tendon training is vital for preventing injury and increasing athleticism. 3. Specific movements that lengthen your muscles at load are required to make your tendons stronger.  Estimated reading time: 5-10 minutes Did you know you should train your tendons? Were … Read more

The New Language of Strength Training: Short & Long Range

Key Points: 1. You should challenge your muscles at their shortest and at their longest. 2. Depending on your goals, you may need more short range or more long range training. 3. Exercise order matters! Estimated Reading Time: 3-6 Minutes If you’re trying to become stronger, bigger, or more athletic, does it matter if you … Read more

A Better Method Than Static Stretching

Key Points: 1. “Stretching” is a form of strength training. 2. A “tight” muscle is actually just weak in lengthened positions. 3. To strengthen it, use the “Antagonist Contraction Method.” Estimated reading time: 4-8 minutes You should stretch more…right? This is one of those unquestioned assumptions nearly everyone feels a little bit guilty about. We … Read more