What is Tendon Training and Why Do You Absolutely Need to be Doing It?

Key Points:  1. Training your tendons is just as important as training your muscles. 2. Tendon training is vital for preventing injury and increasing athleticism. 3. Specific movements that lengthen your muscles at load are required to make your tendons stronger.  Estimated reading time: 5-10 minutes Did you know you should train your tendons? Were … Read more

Yes, You Can and Should Enjoy What You Eat

Key Points: 1. Too many people think they can’t enjoy what they eat and reach their nutritional goals. This isn’t true.  2. This belief leads to unsustainable, overly-restrictive eating. 3. Start building your “Worth It Foods List” to help you overcome this belief.  Estimated Reading Time: 3-6 minutes I want to touch on something I’ve … Read more

Your “All or Nothing” Mindset is Holding You Back

Key Points: 1. Most of us subconsciously think we need to be perfect in order to make progress towards our goals. 2. This incorrect belief is highly detrimental to lasting results. 3. Leaving behind your “all or nothing” mindset is easier with a system in place. Estimated Reading Time: 3-6 minutes We’ve all done it…Eaten … Read more