Should You Count Calories? Part 3: Another Way

Key Points: 1. Tracking your eating, movement, and self-care habits can be done instead of or alongside calorie counting. It will be much more effectively sustainable than calorie counting alone. 2. Building your “Nutrition Owner’s Manual” helps answer two crucial questions. “What should I eat?” and “When should I eat?” These are highly personal and … Read more

Should You Count Calories? Part 2: It’s Personal

Key Points: 1. Nutrition is incredibly personal. Fad diets aren’t. 2. I’ve provided two unique tools that will help you figure out the best strategy and tactics for you, specifically. 3. Strategy is the overarching plan behind the goal you want to achieve. Tactics are the specific actions you take to achieve it. Estimated reading … Read more

Are Your Training Methods Outdated? Part 2: The Courage to be Wrong

Key Points: 1. It takes courage to be open to the possibility that our current training methods may eventually be considered horribly outdated. 2. Only relying on scientific studies to validate your training methods is NOT the answer. 3. “You are a lifelong experiment of one.” Test everything, and remember that nothing that works for … Read more

Are Your Training Methods Outdated?

Key Points: 1. The Fitness Industry is still quite new and is evolving quickly. 2. So, people often sort themselves into “fitness religions” and deny themselves the benefits of well-rounded training. 3. We should avoid becoming overly attached to any particular training method. There isn’t a “best” one! Estimated reading time 4-8 minutes Given its … Read more

What Your Coaches Got Wrong Issue #1: Stay Up!

Key Points: 1. When coaches yell at their athletes to “Stay up!” between bouts of cardiovascular exercise, they’re simply wrong. 2. You should bend over between sprints. Doing so helps you recover faster. 3. This is because bending over lets your body expel carbon dioxide more quickly. This needs to happen in order for you … Read more