Too many soccer training programs are stuck in the 1980’s, using outdated methods that make you slower, more injury prone, and less athletic.

And if you want to be a competitive college athlete, that just won’t cut it.

That’s why College Soccer Accelerator uses cutting edge tendon training techniques and proven exercises to improve your speed, power, and fitness, so that you don’t waste years of your career injured or riding the bench.

Trust us, We learned this the hard way...

Man and woman running over the tyre during obstacle course in boot camp

We’re Maria and Greg, two former D-I soccer players who had our professional dreams ruined by injuries. After years coaching countless soccer players at multiple clubs, we realized why so many players are getting injured…They’re using old school training methods in a modern game.

We’ve been in the soccer world for over 20 years, and the sport has evolved significantly. But when it comes to training methods, they have barely changed since obstacle courses made of tires were still a thing!

It’s not uncommon for a soccer “training program” to be nothing but pushups and shuttle sprints. 

But that’s not good enough at the next level. 

That’s why College Soccer Accelerator covers all the bases.

First, our Strong Neck & Knees mobility program will help you develop strong tendons and ligaments so that you can develop the mobility needed to reduce your risk of career-ending injuries.

Next, our Fixing Your Imbalances program will help stop all the aches and pains that come from being stronger on one side, so that you can move fluidly and avoid feeling like you’re 80 years old after each game.

Then, our Soccer Speed Strength program will help you sprint faster, jump higher, and be harder to knock off the ball, so you don’t have to be the freshman who just can’t keep up.

Finally, our bonus guides will use in-depth education and practical tips to improve everything from your nutrition, mentality, and ability with your weak foot so that you thrive at the next level and don’t feel like you’re in over your head.


So How long will this take?

If you give us Just 4 weeks...

We'll get you feeling and moving better than you have in your entire soccer career. Even if you've already had tons of injuries.

But true change takes time.

Studies show tendon remodeling takes 3-4 months. That's why we built the program to support your continued progress. You'll see benefits before that, but in reality, you needed to start this yesterday!

Of course you're going to be faster, stronger, and fitter.

But the real change is you're going to be competitive at the college level. Not a doe-eyed freshman.

You only get one shot to be a college athlete

You know that. That's why you spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to play for an elite club and travel to a showcase tournament every other weekend.

But let's be real for a moment. Any game could be your last. You've seen teammates go down with torn ACL's and concussions. Maybe it's even happened to you.

If right now, your plan is to hope you're ready to contribute at the next level, you need a new plan.

You deserve to experience the joys and excitement of a college soccer career.

So give yourself the best shot to make that a reality!

To celebrate its online launch, College Soccer Accelerator is 50% off!

Here are the amazing bonuses you’ll receive by signing up...

All your questions answered!

It starts with the 4-week Strong Neck & Knees Mobility Program, which is designed to help reduce your risk of some of the most common injuries that derail soccer careers. Hamstring, calf, and groin strains, ACL and meniscus tears, patellar tendinitis, and concussions are all addressed here. While you can’t completely prevent injuries in a contact sport like soccer (any program that says it can is lying) you do need to do everything possible to reduce your risk. 

After finishing Strong Neck & Knees, you’ll move on to Fixing Imbalances for 12 weeks, then Soccer Speed Strength for another 12 weeks. In total, you get over 6 months of programs so that you’re truly ready for the college level. 

Not at first! The first 4 weeks can be done with bodyweight only. You’ll be surprised at all the progress you’ll make, too. The rest of training programs do include weighted exercises, but you can start with just bodyweight.

Yes! All the program materials and bonus guides are yours forever.

You’ll spend about 30 minutes per day, three days per week. In the second half of the program, the workouts will take 60 minutes, but you can cut them in half and do 6 days per week if you like that option better.

You’ll have access to an invite-only telegram group where Maria and Greg will answer your questions, check your form, and help you apply everything you’ve learned to your team. There will also be a monthly recorded Zoom call!

In short, yes. We’ll be totally transparent with you, we usually coach in-person! But, that drastically limits the number of players who can benefit from the tendon training methods we use. And based on the alarmingly growing number of soft-tissue and non-contact injuries that soccer players suffer each year, we knew that these methods need to be spread more widely. So that’s why we launched this program online. But since we’re refining it, we’ve got a deal for you. Give the 4-week Strong Neck & Knees portion of the program an honest try. This includes participating in the Telegram group and sending in at least one form video per week. If you do that and you don’t see the benefits, we’ll be happy to give you a refund!

So...what are you waiting for?